December 14, 2018 TruPath

TruPath Places Plant Manager in South Carolina

TruPath Recruiting Manager, Josh Rautio, places Plant Manager in South Carolina. Learn about TruPath’s recruiting strategy to quickly find a turnaround leader.
Plant Manager

TruPath Places Plant Manager in South Carolina

The Client’s Need:

TruPath partners with one of the fastest growing molded fiber companies in North America. This company has a manufacturing plant in South Carolina that was not performing up to their production and quality standards. So, the time had come for a leadership change. Our client required a new Plant Manager to get the facility back on track and furthermore exceed expectations. As you can imagine, the need was urgent! Our client’s wish was to find someone to interview and start within 2-3 weeks.

TruPath’s Strategy:

Due to the urgency of this search, TruPath opened this Plant Manager opportunity to the entire recruiting team. This is rare as many searches require 2-3 recruiters on average. The TruPath recruiting team started the search reaching out to local South Carolina candidates in their network. Additionally, the recruiters identified individuals available for relocation to South Carolina. Within a few days of starting the search, the team found four strong Plant Manager candidates. Of the four candidates, three were local.

The Result of Partnership:

Our client began interviews immediately. The candidates met the hiring team within one week of the search initiation. One of the local candidates impressed the hiring manager above all the others. He was flown to corporate the next week for final interviews. At corporate headquarters, he met the CEO and remainder of the leadership team. Our client’s team was in consensus and an offer was quickly extended. The new Plant Manager was hired and started within two weeks of launching this search!

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