January 23, 2017 lauren

TruPath Places Plant Manager

The Issue

Our client had hired a Plant Manger that was not a cultural fit and didn’t work well with his team. They needed a replacement, but didn’t want the current plant manager to leave before his successor was identified. Due to the sensitivity of this search, it was done completely confidentially.

The plant staff views one another as a second family, some employees have worked there for 30 years. Their sons and grandsons were also working in the plant now. The new manager needed to have the skills, personality, and be the right cultural fit (on top of being bilingual).

What We Did

One of our specialties is to look beyond the resume and find that cultural fit. We found a number of bilingual candidates that could do the job, but through our face to face behavioral interviews we were able to narrow our candidates down to a select few. We needed a plant manager that could come in and gain the trust of the plant staff.

The Result

This was one of our longer searches, in the end, it took almost 3 months to find the candidate that had worked in a similar family environment. Luckily our client was patient throughout, and understood that in order to find the right person it would be a bit of a dig. Our candidate ended up being a strong relationship builder, and was welcomed into the family. The plant is running more efficiently than ever.

Josh Rautio, Senior Recruiter



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