TruPath Places Senior Project Manager

February 19, 2019 TruPath

TruPath Places Senior Project Manager

TruPath Recruiter, Dorothy Scavera, places Senior Project Manager near Seattle, Washington. Read on to find out how Dorothy found the right candidate for this very specific role.

TruPath finds a blend between a Project Manager and General Manager, in the form of a Senior Project Manager, for a new client based in the Northwest. Below, we explore how the TruPath recruiting team successfully filled this Senior Project Manager search quickly.

The Client’s Need: 

A construction contractor near Seattle reached out to TruPath for help filling a Senior Project Manager opening. The company recently lost a long-time employee and was seeking help to find replacement talent. Our client fully supported their past employee’s exit and career move, and took this opportunity to focus on finding top talent to influence the organization to new heights. This person’s role in the company is far more than the title suggests. This person needs to be savvy in construction and have the ability to lead project managers. Additionally, he or she acts as the General Manager. The person for this role has the right combination of expertise and confidence to challenge and support the CEO.


TruPath’s Strategy: 

Sometimes recruiters find the right candidate by searching for every requirement a client is seeking, but this strategy doesn’t always work. Resumes are often tailored towards specific career paths or roles. Often, recruiters find themselves searching based on one or two core requirements. Then, through conversation, assess if a potential candidate meets the rest of the client’s hard and soft skills needs. The TruPath recruiting team split up the search focusing on different components of the role including project management, general management, and construction project types. Dorothy, in particular, focused on the general management responsibilities paired with the specific type of construction related to our client. She was able to find a candidate who previously worked on the same types of projects as our client. He had grown his department from the ground up as the General Manager before moving to Seattle. After relocating, he began working in a different project management capacity. 

The Result of Partnership: 

Dorothy’s candidate was an excellent fit for this Senior Project Manager role based on his industry experience and role progression. He has the knowledge, leadership, and administrative skills our client requires.  Furthermore, he possesses the soft skills sought after by our client. Our candidate and client clicked immediately! The candidate values the company size and family-owned environment. His past move was from a small town to a big city. Additionally, our client went above and beyond to ensure that his transition to their company was smooth by inquiring about and providing additional benefits. Our client actively engages in new and unique techniques to support employee well-being and overall company moral.



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