TruPath Places Shop Manager

March 15, 2019 TruPath

TruPath Places Shop Manager

TruPath’s Recruiting Manager, Josh Rautio, places the Shop Manager for a metal fabricator in Washington. This Shop Manager search request came from a construction referral. Learn about how Josh found a talented individual to step into the Shop Manager role for a growing company.

The Client’s Need:

TruPath, a National Recruiting Firm, was referred by a construction client to their sister company. Referral placements are some of TruPath’s favorites as they come from happy clients who share their experiences with others! After successfully placing construction management talent, the referral request came through for a Shop Manager. The company was seeking a leader to provide guidance to employees in the shop. But, the growing company also requires someone with sheet metal fabrication experience.

TruPath’s Strategy:

For starters, this search was tough due to the lack of qualified candidates in Seattle, Washington possessing the right mix of skills. The majority of sheet metal fabricators in the area work in aerospace or shipbuilding. TruPath recruiters found very few individuals who had the construction industry-specific skills we were searching for. Ultimately, we found success quickly by digging deep into each (passive and active) candidate’s experience by reviewing past roles in detail. We began searching for individuals who had the required combinations of experience in the past. This strategy proved to be very successful!

The Result of Partnership:

Josh found a talented Shop Manager candidate who was comfortable managing employees and running machines. He worked in sheet metal fabrication a few years back and had recent operational management experience. This hardworking leader also possesses a hands-on, can-do attitude. He was the second candidate our partners interviewed, and the leadership team immediately felt comfortable extending him an offer.

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