Should You Still Outsource Recruiting During a Recession?

May 21, 2020
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May 21, 2020 Lauren

Should You Still Outsource Recruiting During a Recession?

Business, regardless of industry, has faced the need for change due to the impact of COVID-19.

PwC recently surveyed 288 financial leaders in the United States between May 4-6, 2020, which is the fifth survey conducted by PwC to keep track of changing priorities and overall sentiments during the pandemic.

A significant sentiment that this PwC survey revealed was that many CFOs—72%—feel their business will become more agile in the post-COVID-19 world. By finding workarounds for challenges that COVID-19 presents, companies think they are also finding better ways to work overall.

In addition to processes changing, 82% of respondents shared their increase in community commitments. A key takeaway from this increase is the need for businesses to take part in the much-needed unemployment solution.

A common solution discussed is the need to retrain the unemployed. Even more significant, the urgency to find a solution to creating job opportunities during a global health crisis.

Overcoming the Challenge of Job Creation in COVID-19

Job Creation vs. Filling Jobs: Can Your Company Handle Both?

The need for job opportunities is evident. But the ability for companies to create and fill these opportunities is still an obstacle to overcome.

Generally, any company that has run a candidate search understands how time-consuming it can be. In the context of the pandemic, it can be assumed that the process may become even more taxing.

Additionally, the need to cut back on a company’s recruitment budget during an economic downturn can make the recruiting process seem too overwhelming to take on.

However, there is a solution that can ease the challenges that job creation and recruiting present: outsourcing recruiting processes.

How Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Helps

To tackle the challenge of juggling recruiting and job creation responsibilities, especially with a short staff, companies turn to RPO as a solution.

RPO staffing firms are a unique kind of search firm. An RPO firm takes on a company’s entire recruiting process.

The result? Your company can prioritize job creation and other goals without potentially losing quality candidates due to time constraints.

Additionally, RPO staffing can be beneficial in cutting down your recruiting costs without completely cutting out recruiting efforts.

By creating consistent hiring practices, an RPO provider can help cut costs by reducing your time-to-hire and centralizing your process.

Plus, there are a plethora of candidates who are now available due to unemployment. Thus, accurately assessing these candidates takes more time than a company can commit on their own. So, partnering with an RPO lessens the strain of narrowing down candidates.

Find the Right Solution For Your COVID-19 Talent Needs

By and large, it isn’t uncommon for a company to experience layoffs while simultaneously having talent needs in different departments.

The need to keep recruiting with short staff is tough; however, outsourcing recruiting can help ease the burden.

To find the right partner, your company needs first to determine what its needs are.

For example, are there specific roles you need to be filled quickly? Or, does your company require certain skills to aid it as you continue to adapt to COVID-19?

By knowing these needs, not only can you create truly beneficial jobs in your company, but your RPO firm can narrow its search down to candidates with the proper qualifications and cultural fit.

Are you searching for an outsource recruiting solution during COVID-19?

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