August 7, 2018 TruPath

TruPath Places Assistant Manager of Codes and Standards

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The Client’s Need:

TruPath received an inbound lead from a well-renowned building code non-profit organization in Atlanta, Georgia. Scott Silva, TruPath recruiter, reached out to the organization. The non-profit was looking for an Assistant Manager of Codes and Standards. Specifically, our client’s need required a Mechanical Engineer with a technical writing background. The organization previously made two offers to candidates and both were rejected as this is an uncommon role for an Engineer.

TruPath’s Strategy:

Scott started his search by looking for Technical Writers with an engineering background. He also tapped into his personal network; he lived in Atlanta for six years. After one week, he identified a phenomenal candidate. The candidate is a Mechanical Engineer pursuing his Master’s Degree and has a love for technical report writing. The candidate was about to start a new position in Birmingham, Alabama. However, he really wanted to stay in Georgia.

The Result of Partnership:

After learning about the Assistant Manager of Codes and Standards role and the non-profit organization, Scott’s candidate was eager to move through the interview process. He was a hit with the organization’s hiring team and received an excellent offer to start two weeks later. He got his wish of staying local!



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